September Newsline: PA invests in water; US-Mexico sewage scuffle; heavy equipment theme park opens

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

Dig This: heavy equipment theme park opens Web exclusive!
For those who only dream of operating heavy equipment, there is now a theme park — Dig This Heavy Equipment Theme Park — located near Steamboat Springs, CO. The park offers full-day and half-day adventures for the public as well as corporate bookings. Groups are limited up to 12 participants.

Dig This is on a 10-acre site with hills, valleys and views of the Yampa Valley. Under the supervision of Dig This instructors, visitors can doze and excavate dams and ponds, and move and remove sand, gravel, rock and other materials from their own individual work area. For more information, visit

INGAA responds to report on reliance of natural gas for electricity
The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) announced recently that while in concept, they support several aspects of a recent study released by the Aspen Environmental Group, key elements of the report go too far.

In a statement released by Donald Santa, president of INGAA, he credits the
Aspen Environmental Group for raising valid issues in connection with greater reliance on natural gas for electric power generation in a report prepared for the American Public Power Association highlights.

However, he disagrees with the report’s “extraordinarily unrealistic scenario in which all existing coal-fired electric generators are retired and replaced by gas-fired generators.”

Santa believes this view detracts from a discussion of the choices by “natural gas and electric power industries, policymakers and consumers as the United States makes the transition to a lower-carbon energy economy. When expectations about the growth in natural gas demand for electric generation are scaled back to reasonable levels, it is clear that there both is adequate natural gas supply and an ability to expand natural gas infrastructure on a cost competitive basis.

“This was demonstrated in the high electric load growth scenario that was among three cases examined in the 2009 ICF International report, Natural Gas Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure Projections Through 2030, prepared for The INGAA Foundation, which is referenced extensively in the Aspen report,” stated Santa.

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